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Just as there are audience personality types that you should learn to avoid, there are also cam girl personality types that you should actively search for. If you find a cam girl or cam model that has one of these personality types, then you’re in for a good show. These personality types increase your likelihood of getting what you came for. I know that most of the cam shows out there are free, but that is exactly what makes looking for a cam girl with the right personality even more crucial.

You have to understand that you’re still investing money when you watch a free cam show. How can this be? Simple: you’re wasting your time with the wrong show. You don’t want to waste your time. You’d rather use that time to get paid. I hope you get my point. So it’s a good idea to find the right shows so you can get your time’s worth. Be on the lookout for the following personality types.

The Adventurer

Girls with an adventurous personality tend to blow away limits. They tend to put a lot of energy in exploring both their interests and the audience’s interests. This person looks at the world as a wide-open space, and she’s really fun to be around. She has a high energy level, and it’s very infectious.

The Curious Girl

The Curious Girl is all about curiosity. She’s all about learning about other people and learning about herself and her body. The Curious Girl is all about living for the moment and sharing herself. These women are fun to be around, fun to watch, and it doesn’t seem like a sacrifice tipping them a huge amount of money because they truly make your day. They have really bubbly personalities, and they really energize you. I’m not just talking about sexually. I’m also talking about emotionally and mentally as well. They have a way of jumpstarting your spirits.

The Free Spirit

It’s very easy to typecast this type of webcam model as a hippie but there’s a lot of hippie element there. She’s all about exploration. She’s all about having no barriers.

This is very infectious because let’s face it, most of us live in a mental prison. Most of us think that our lives are limited. Most of us think that we are not capable of certain things. It really sucks to live in fear and when you hang out or when you witness a free spirit personality, you can’t help but be reenergized.

But as we all know the best type of cam girl is the free cam girl, cause she’s available J

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