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Nowadays erotic products are very popular, male favorite erotic products, huge boobs sex doll, green eye sex doll has the highest popularity.

Many people will buy realistic silicone TPE sex dolls on the Internet, many people want to know how big sex doll packaging, so buy sex dolls online how big is the express packaging? Will it be inspected? Here are some answers for you, I hope more people will understand.

Buy sex dolls online express packaging size there is no uniform specifications, due to the packaging method of each business and the size of sex dolls there are differences, so the size of the express packaging is not fixed. Buy sex dolls online express packaging is packed in a cardboard box 50 centimeters long and 30 centimeters wide, and some are packaged for the actual size of the sex doll, such as 140cm TPE sex doll the package size is 132*40*29cm, the package size of 170cm sex doll is 157*41*30cm. The specific size should be consulted with the seller of the shipment, if the sex doll is made of silicone then its packaging is a little larger.

The sex dolls bought online will be inspected by the courier packaging, the business in sending the courier when the logistics company staff will check the items in the courier to ensure the safety of the transport courier, only once in the packing and delivery was checked, as long as the check, in transit will not be checked again. Couriers in the delivery of sex dolls courier is unable to see the actual items in the courier, so we just need to sign for it normally.

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